Monday, April 13, 2009

Week in Review: April 6-13

My birthday AND Easter, all in the same week! I remember my birthday falling ON Easter one year when I was a kid. That was kinda fun!
Anyway, I'm totally happy the weather is officially warming up. Flip-flops here I come! I even squeezed in a night of s'mores fun! I predict many more of those in the future.
OK, well tomorrow I'll be doing the terrarium craft with my MOPS group. (Mothers Of PreSchoolers.) I'm spending all day today gathering the last of the supplies & making a sample terrarium & washing jars & peeling sticky gooby labels from those jars & typing out instructions on how to care for the lil green gardens & finishing the clay mushroom decorations &...
Lots to do!
Happy Monday!!
*Click on mosaic for a picture play-by-play.


  1. This one turned out really cute!

    Can you send me the link again? I think I accidentally deleted it.

    Have a happy week!

  2. Please post pictures of your little terrariums for MOPS! I'm the creative activities person for my MOPS group, too, and am always looking for great ideas! :-)

  3. Oh, I meant to tell you that you guys could stamp words on small stones for your terrariums. That would be cute and I think you've talked about painting rocks before. Have fun!


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