Monday, April 6, 2009

Week in Review

Happy roller skating. Surprise packages. More joyful Spring weather. Craftin' it up with the kidlets, who were on Spring break last week. A rare pedicure. (My toes look HOT by the way.) And the week ended with a trip over the mountains for Hunter's funeral. It was a very sad Saturday. And Sunday. The last 2 weeks have been sad pretty much. I find my safe quiet places to let all the emotions out. It was super great to see a bunch of family at the memorial service. Anyway, I was able to share all your comforting comments with some of my family & I wanted to say thanks to everyone who left them. It makes my heart all warm when I read such kind & thoughtful words.
*(Click on the picture mosaic for a photo play-by-play.)

This week is my birthday week & I am very excited! Unfortunately my b-day falls on a weird mid-week Tuesday & Mr. WhiMSy love & I have plans of un-exciteable proportions: Traveling 7 hours in the car for an appt we made a month ago. Ugh. But, he did promise me a lovely lunch & some time to go thrift/antique shopping. So, that should make up for all the car travel & the numb bum I'll have.

Happy Monday!


  1. This looks like the most fun week EVA!

  2. Happy birthday - your day actually sounds like it will be lovely - a road trip with your hubby and some time to shop! I hope you get everything you've wished for!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a great 7 hours without any kiddos....Lord knows I WOULD!

  4. Hey, I got a rare pedicure last week too. Happy Birthday week!!!

  5. I hope you have a fabulous birthday week! It's MY month! And I let everyone know it....kind of like your birthday! Hugs to you.


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