Monday, April 27, 2009

Week in Review!

This morning I was FINALLY able to sign into my Flickr account---just in time for my Week In Review!!
Ok, so I just got back from an AWESOME weekend in Everett & Seattle! There'll be another post later this afternoon all about my trip. It was a very inspirational time!!
This week, in-between tackling my giant list of 'Things To Do', I was able to see some old friends, meet some new ones, complete my Big Button Challenge piece, & get a bit of craftin' in. I'm gonna continue to tackle that giant list this week. I mean, there will ALWAYS be a list, but this one is just a bit, um......O.O.C. (Out Of Control)!!
Have a happy Monday!!
*Click on the picture mosaic for a photo play-by-play.


  1. I love your jumping pictures!!!

  2. Love your Mosaic this week! I tried to do one the other night and I guess I was tired or something because I just couldn't make it work! I will try again soon though because I so love them!

  3. Hi Nikki:
    I like your attitude and the photo of you chaperoning. You are a nice lady!!!
    I saw your blog link because someone like your tutorial on the stretchy book mark. Nice coincidence : )
    Come say hi to an old woman and enter my Give Away.I would be delighted for a person like you to win : )

  4. Hey Nikki! Love the name. That is what I call my littlest. When you get a chance, stop by my blog, I have something for you!


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