Friday, April 24, 2009

A Weekend Away.

Late this afternoon I'll be leaving on a little weekend trip to the Northwest Fine Arts Festival in Everett, WA. I was asked to help chaperone 7 young people & I'm really excited to be going! The students are middle school & high school aged & are part of Skills Development Mission, an organization that "reaches, teaches & empowers under-skilled individuals to become responsible individuals."

I've got 2 camera batteries charged & ready to go. I'm packing a crafty kit to take. (I would seriously feel naked without something crafty to do.) I'm folding the last of my laundry right now & tossing random items in my awesome pink suitcase, hoping some of them happen to match. We'll be sharing cabins & walking to a separate building to shower & potty. Good times.

On anther note, I have had probs with pics on blogger. Anyone else? I couldn't maneuver them. How frustrating. But it seems fixed now.

I also haven't been able to sign onto my Flickr account for a few days. Something with my Yahoo! is messed up? "Customer Care will get back to you within 24 hours." 48 hours later...& nuthin'. Ugh.

Oh, also, this is so random, but I've been asked to do a guest blog spot on a crafty blog, but I'm not sure what to talk about. It sounds like I can talk about whatever I want. But I want it to be something interesting, helpful, useful, entertaining, informative & personal. Some suggestions given were: "an experience with crafting, how you work within a craft budget, how you began crafting, an opinion piece on craft trends...". But I'm not sure any of those "grab" me. Do you have any suggestions? Come on people, inspire me!

The picture up top is of some handmade bubble mailers I made this week. I was in a bind & needed something pronto. I can't find the exact tutorial I learned from, but there are TONS out there. Just google. And be prepared to be overwhelmed with the many versions. Most of them tape the sides. I sewed.

Well, I will miss you all! Have a happy weekend! See you on Monday!


  1. how about how you go about putting together your photo tutorials for your blog? that must be a lot of work!

    happy trails on your trip nik

  2. Do you craft on a budget? Because what you come up is fabulous. How about a thriftin' to craftin' - how I get inspired piece?

  3. Have a safe trip and have fun! :-) Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back!

  4. I want to see your cute pink suitcase!

    I hope you have a great trip! I can't wait to see pictures!

    Ummm. I don't know about the blogger photo issue.

  5. You love to thrift, can you talk about the thrill, the inspiration you get from finding the perfect stuff to make into cooler stuff?

    Oh, and that mailer? Aw-some!

    My word verification? "logeburp" Do what you will with that information...


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