Saturday, May 30, 2009


I always love getting together with my family. My sister's low-key home-cooked birthday dinner last night was really nice. At the last minute I decided to make a decoration for the cake. You can see a closer view HERE.

The flower-slash-nature pictures are from my mom & grandmother's yard. It was fun to take pictures of someone else's pretties. We all sat outside & enjoyed the warm evening.
My dad even sported some lovely mock-orange flowers behind his ear. (He's doing so much better since the {3} surgeries he had at the beginning of the year to remove his cancerous esophagus. Still trying to get his throat to stay dilated, but even that is getting better.) And this silly pic of him makes me smile. He's slowly getting back to his usual self.
We've got busy fun planned all weekend----parties & bbq's galore!
Ok, I gotta go: Mr. 'WhiMSy love' is feeding the girls chocolate cake & waffles for breakfast! I better.....go join them.
Hope you're havin' a happy weekend!


  1. Lovely Photos!

    Great shot of your daddy! :0)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Yes, your dad looks great! Some time the low key gatherings are the best!

  3. That's my kind of breakfast... well, when I'm not dieting... which seems to be ALWAYS! Your cake topper is adorable and your dad looks like a real character!

  4. Really love the pic of your dad-you see the spark of "fun" in his eyes.

  5. Was it Bill Cosby that did the whole "Dad's great! Gives us chocolate cake!" skit? ^_^ So cute. Cake does have a lot of breakfast ingredients. It could pass, right?!

    Your Dad is a cutie. So glad he's feeling better! Those twinkly eyes are wondermous.

    I'll keep praying!

  6. thats one yummy looking cake. i can definately see me sliding my finger across the top. delish!

  7. So glad your dad is doing better. He looks great in this picture. :-) And I hope your sister had a lovely birthday.


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