Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yesterday I cut up 576 pieces of felt to package up some take-home crafty kits for my MOPS group. (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) It's the last MOPS meeting of the year. And the last meeting of my sweet little mommy MOPS career. That's so weird to think about. It's been a great 5 years!I'll miss those late night sessions of cutting, sorting, measuring, stressing. My hubby won't miss the mess though. (Well, THAT mess anyway. He has many to choose from.) Teaching the crafts every month has fulfilled some part of me. And I will miss it. I found therapy in the organizing & planning. At times I honestly felt like a crafty superhero. I just love making stuff. Whatever your passion is, whatever makes you excited & blubbering a million miles an hour & fluttery inside & full of life---that's what 'making stuff' is for me.
Doesn't it sound so melodramatic? But it's all true.

I'm ready to hand over the sacred glue gun to the new crafty soul in charge.

And I'm curious to see what new creative adventures I will find....or make.


  1. I know how you feel , I was very sad when my kids finished playgroup .

  2. I just discovered MOPS. I've heard about it on differnt blogs before but I thought it was just during the day. I decided to check out the website and found out that there's a MOPS in the evening near me. I'm excited...I go next week. I hope they have a fun craft person like you there!

  3. I can see how it will be hard to let that go. I wonder if you can find some other sort of teaching opportunity, since you are so good at it?

    I used to run an adult activities program for senior citizens and it made me feel very useful and like I was making a difference while also "getting the crafties out"

  4. 576??? How many moms are in your group???

    I stole your birthday plate idea for our MOPS group and made it a "you are special" plate as a reward for your kids when you catch them doing something good. The moms were very creative with it! My sister in law did a "Thank you for showing God's love" and I did Galations 6:9 on mine.

    It was a great craft, so thanks for thinkin' of it for me! :)

  5. Hi Carrie!
    I made enough kits for 32 moms. With all the different colors of felt, I just needed that many pieces cut. I just watched a couple movies late at night & was done in no time!


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