Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Felt Play Kits For Sale!

I had a lot of Felt Play Kits leftover from our MOPS group (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) this morning. ( 11 available! SOLD!) I thought I'd give my blog readers the chance to purchase them. I'm selling them on my blog (not at WhiMSy love) & ALL the money will go right back to support my local (non-profit) MOPS group.
**UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who snatched up the kits! Enjoy!
I had so much fun putting these together that I am planning to offer other crafty kits for sale at WhiMSy love sometime in the near future!

Each Felt Play Kit comes with:

*1 9"x12" sticky-backed felt piece
*1 9"x12" felt piece (Colors for both large felt pieces range from dark brown, black, medium green & white. You will get a combo of 2 different colors selected at random.)
*13 medium felt pieces (4 1/2"x6") in purple, bright blue, emerald green, tan, black, brown, medium blue, light blue, navy blue, white, light pink, red, & grey
*5 small felt pieces (3"x4") in orange, yellow, bright pink, cream, & dark green
*6 random colored tiny pom poms (3 pair of each color)
*instruction sheet
*sheet of shapes to use as template

>School is almost over & this kit will be perfect for keeping little ones entertained!
>Perfect for keeping wriggly hands busy during church!
>Great for long car rides or road trips!
>Passes the time while waiting for mom & dad at their appointments.
>Spend some quality time with your kids. My girls & I can seriously play with this for HOURS! (I've been known to play with it on my own too!)
>Your kids can help you cut the felt into fun shapes!


  1. Hello Ma'dam. love your kits!
    But, why, may I ask... is everything crossed out?

    Sylvia C.

  2. Hi Sylvia!
    HAHA! You caught my post when I made a boo-boo. It was only crossed out for maybe 2 minutes. I fixed it though!

  3. I ordered two for my daughter and son.. cant wait to get them ;0)


  4. Yay! You got the Paypal button to work! Guess what I didn't know though? I'm not seeing the button in Google Reader. Hmmm. That could be a problem. Lots of people read blogs through reader now. Does anyone else see the button in Reader?

  5. Soo clever! Hope your Mother's day was great!!

  6. Hey Nikki!

    I need your help. I am starting a blog where I will be offering some items for sale and was going to do all this research to find out how to add paypal/purchase buttons after each item. Voila....you have it here already. Can you please tell me how you did it. I would be forever grateful and in return of your generous favor would be happy to watch for fantastic forks for you while on my thrift store adventures! I actually found one yesterday and picked it up and held it and held it some more all while thinking "how would I just randomly send Nikki this adorable old fork!"

    My email is davenapril@aol.com. I would love any help you can offer {when you have time...of course}!


  7. I'd love to put these kits together for our MOPS group to do for our creative activity - would you be willing to share (if you still have them) the sheet of shapes to use as templates and the instruction sheets?

    Thanks so much Nikki!



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