Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey, Mr. D.J.!!

From the turntable to your coffee table.
The price will be music to your ears.
(Sorry, I just had to.)

I found 2 boxes of totally random, totally vintage & totally awesome records in my scary basement/dungeon.
I'm purging people. Help me purge.
(Covers not included.)

They're at WhiMSy love now!


  1. i totally did these for a christmas present way back - i learned it from Readymade magazine...but then i learned that melting the plastic in the vinyl records releases toxic vapors! you probably already know this, but make sure your area is ventilated well!!! so cute though!

  2. these are so cute! I love when people find cool ways to reuse old records...

  3. OH how I hope those were already warped records you did that too... It would hurt too much if they were perfectly OK


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