Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Personalized Pillow

I started organizing my scary basement-slash-dungeon yesterday: cleaning with one hand & bug spray ready in the other hand. I am actually finding many cool things! (While squealing at every spider I see. EEEEEEK!) I thought one item I found was worthy of a crafty mention: This pillow, which became a sofa accessory about 10 years ago as a gift to the hubby. (Somehow in the move last year it ended up in the basement.)
I bought an inexpensive cream colored pillow (but you could make one too!) & a black fabric paint pen marker. And then I went to town writing out the lyrics to a song played at my wedding.
Simple. As. That.
Spell your name.
Trace a handprint.
Graffiti anyone?
Write a poem.
Sketch a portrait.
Or a scene.
Have all the grandkids make designs & give it to the grandparents.
A housewarming gift.
Slumber party fun.
Buy 9 pillows & make a tic-tac-toe game out of it!
Spell out a word: one letter per pillow.
The possibilities are really endless!
In fact, I think I'll revisit this craft & have my girls get into the action.


  1. Hi Nikki. I love popping in to see what you are up to -and rhought your unconventional vase were wonderful! So was challenged to think outside the box when I was given flowers yesterday! I have linked to your post on my blog. regards
    Leeanne PS the pillow idea is a great one too -am starting to think about one for each of my kids...

  2. What a beautiful idea! I am loving working with fabric transfers at the moment, there is something so exciting about putting text onto fabric :)

  3. I am IN LOVE with this idea...it's highly possible it will be made at my house today...instead of doing the dishes or laundry this afternoon...or going to the post office! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think I love you.

  5. Is that photo taken in your basement? I was expecting it to look much more like mine (which is a dirt floor root cellar, really) rather than a real basement. Is it the spiders that make it a dungeon, or does Martha live there? That's the prettiest dungeon I've ever seen.

  6. No way---I WISH this was my basement!! I grabbed the pillow after finding it downstairs hidden in a bag, in a box, under another box & brought it upstairs to put on the couch.
    It's a dungeon because it's dark & stinky & full of spiders & creepy crawly things! EW!

  7. That's awesome -- and such great handwriting!

  8. Great ideas for the super cheap plain colored throw pillows at ikea!

  9. I love this idea. Really and truly LOVE it. You've started my mind churning with the possibilities of where I can go with this idea. :)

    ~ Sarah

  10. This is a really great idea! My handwriting isn't as nice as yours though so I don't know if it would look as nice. :0)

  11. You are always so funny...I wanted to let you know I've given you a blog award because I think your's is great. Swing by my blog to pick it up.....I think I did it right :)

  12. Is that your "nesting chair"? Very cute idea!

  13. Geoff Moore and the Distance!!!! I LOVE that song, I always thought that I would have that played at my wedding too, but then we got married on the beach and you couldnt hear it because of the ocean! What a fabulous idea!

  14. You clever girl! I think that is brilliant and can't wait to have a play. I am intrigued by the fork easels...is there another link or tutorial? Lisa.

  15. Loved this idea and I made my own!! I linked back to your blog to show where I got the idea and just wanted to let you know!! So crafty! :)



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