Friday, May 22, 2009

Silly. Kooky. Random.

Honestly, anything silly, kooky, & random-- I love. I just had to share this funny idea.
I recently received a lily as a gift. Me--not so good with plants. That's why this poor thing is looking not-so-sassy in the photo. Well, it was one of those plants that came all wrapped in foil-ish paper. And for some reason I immediately thought: "Hat!"
My girls love dressing up & it reminded me of a fancy fairy headpiece---made from the petals of some brightly colored purple flower.
Anyway, we had some laughs from it!
And I love this picture. It was totally NOT planned. Zoey was waiting for me to snap her photo & my little nephew stepped in right beside her, eating his frozen Otter Pop (sideways I might add) & the little dying plant happened to be sitting beside him.
Fly away little fairy! And make all your other fairy friends jealous. 'Cause you know they're gonna want a hat too.


  1. Hee hee... very cute. Have you guys made fairy houses? WE do this, but we have to call them Microdragon houses because my boys don't want to make houses for the fairies.

    and some directions...

    Have fun! It's a good weekend for it. The fairies will be looking for a cool place to rest their little wings this summer.

  2. As long as we're being random I thought I'd tell you a secret: I've stopped listening to Pandora while I work. I just open a window with your blog and listen to your playlist :) You have made me a much more productive person as a result. Thanks! :)

  3. Wow- you totally murdered that poor plant. I've heard lillies were like weeds- hard to kill and grow super fast. :) Olivia saw the hat picture and said, "Mom!!! Why don't i have a cool hat like that?" to which I replied- because I haven't killed our lily yet. :) HAHA!!


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