Monday, May 4, 2009

Week in Review

Bugs, weeds, flowers, scootering, playing & fishing! That was pretty much my week. My 6 year old caught her very first fish! I'm so thankful for my brother that can help me out with stuff like that. I don't do slimey guts. Yet. I'm not against it & very willing to learn. I cooked it up & ate it for dinner. Zoey was too grossed out by it. haha!
This week my birthmonth ended. Boo. Countdown for next year begins!
I also stepped out (as I'm trying to do ever since this post) &, after joining my church choir, joined the worship team too. (A live band, 4 singers, 1 leader.) Yesterday I sang a solo in church! Boy was I nervous. But it went well I think.
The MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) Crafty List is also up on my blog. Finally! YAY! It took me longer than I thought. I'll probably be changing a few things & adding some extra links in the next few weeks.
My calendar is filling up quickly. It's gearing up to be a busy month already & it's barely begun.
Have a Happy Monday!

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  1. That is wonderful that you are singing! I would love to hear you! :0)

    I colored my daughter hair purple this week too!


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