Monday, May 11, 2009

Week in Review

Sort of an odd week, what with chickens & biscuits & buttons & all.

It ended with a lovely holiday called "Mother's Day", which, around my house, is just like any other day. Basically. No breakfast in bed for me: I made breakfast for the WhiMSy clan. After church I even took the family out to lunch. No feet up on the couch or relaxing for me: I swept the floors & mopped the floors & continued cycling the loads of laundry.

Zoey did make me a card in Kindergarten though. It spoke of love & adoration & ended with this sentence: Can you take me to the park?

Oh, I was taken out to dinner in the evening--as a special treat from my parents, along with 13 other family members.

My wee children try hard to make this a special day for their mom. They need a little help though & Mr. WhiMSy love can be a bit clueless about these sorts of things. Not to put him down or belittle him at all, but he just fits in "that" category & I know I'm not singing a solo here.

So, for those moms that dearly desire to be pampered & indulged on what is supposedly their special day & treated like the queen they KNOW they are, I hail your role as "mother" & send you this belated message:

Happy Mother's Day!
(You can get your revenge on Father's Day.)


  1. Yea, just another day around here as well and I can be okay with that :) I just honor those mama friends I have that inspire me instead of focusing on how the day isn't special for me. It's all good!

  2. Just wait a few years -- the children will remember Mother's Day. In the meantime, God's keeping track!

  3. here, here! :) Sounds like my Mother's Day- except I got to clean up puke from two kids who had the flu. Boo.

  4. Sorry your day was a little disappointing. My husband isn't very good at setting up special things for me either. Oh, well. We know we're loved anyway, right. :0)

    It was my dad's 60th birthday on Saturday so we traveled across the state to be with him.

    I spent 1/2 of Mother's Day riding home. I did get a McDonald's hot fudge sunday on the way home, a book light from my husband and lots of hugs and I love yous from my kids. All in all it was a pretty good day.

    BTW, I got my ring. It's too cute!! Thanks for throwing in the little button! :0)

  5. Hey,

    Not to brag (really!), but I was so surprised by my hubby's reaction to mother's day. (Okay, so it was my first one as a mum)...

    I did end up having to take him to the ER, and spent 4 precious mother's day hours in the hospital, but everything ended up fine!

    But mopping? No way girl!
    Hope your week is off to a fantabulous start!

    Sylvia C.

  6. Every day is Mother's Day once the kids have their own kids and we get the juicy grandma role. Just wait! :)

  7. Glad to know I'm not alone when it comes to a semi-clueless hubby on Mother's Day.

    Happy Mom's day!

  8. I completely understand, although I had a very nice treat of thrifting with my mom on Mother's day. I sort of took the bull by the horn's and said "Hey Hun, watch the kids I'm taking Mom out to the flea markets on Sunday. You know cause SHE never gets to go." You got to know how to work it. Hope Mr. Whimsy Love enjoys cutting the grass come Father's day. :)


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