Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week in Review

What a grand week! The warmer weather is creeping in & making for many happy days & nights!

This week was the final farewell to my days at MOPS. I'm TOTALLY looking forward to the retreat in June where I can celebrate all the good times had, while the newbies prepare for a new year ahead.

The fam ate outside together for the first time this year! We roasted hotdogs over the firepit. Somehow we managed to warm up our frankfurters.....while trying to keep from suffocating from all the smoke. (I love the hubby & all, but he makes the WORST fires EVER.)

I'm getting some big projects checked off my "to-do" list & am excited to focus on craftin' & makin' more new stuff. I've got some great organizational plans for myself in the works too--to keep focused & on track with my crafty bad self.

Tonight I'll be working with this group of kids (& more!) on a drama for another trip I'll be taking with them in August. The hubby & I will BOTH be helping to chaperone! That should be loads of fun! We've never taken a trip like that together.

This week is my 4 year old's last week in pre-school. Eeek! I am really not ready for wee ones 24/7...

*Click on the picture mosaic for more photo details!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Nikki, I hope you have another terrific week!

    The cooking on the fire pit sounds so fun! I would love to get one!

  2. Oh my...look at all those forks!!!!

    Looks like your week was busy and fun!


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