Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 Cheers for the Pinwheels!

My red, white & blue pinwheel cupcake picks have been nominated for this week's round of voting in the "Americana Decor" poll on Etsy!
Go vote for your favorite by CLICKING HERE.
Voting ends June 29, 7am {Etsy time}.


  1. You are a winner in my book, Nikki... :)

  2. girl... you are making me salivate with your cup cake photo!

    I'll go vote now!


  3. pinwheel, pinwheel spinning around....(do you remember that show from original nickeloden? it was one of my favs! ). congrats! so i needed a little direction on the poladroid....i love how it looks, but i can't seem to get my new poladroids to do more than just show up...can't save 'em as a file type so i can have them printed for my daughter(i love that you're using them for invites...figured i'd borrow the style and just send out different polardroids of my almost 12 year old for her invites). please help me out. email is krromm@gmail.com thanks, i appreciate any expertise you can share with me! =)

  4. i off to vote! i'm having a play along. come check it out....and play! http://whosies.blogspot.com/2009/06/play-along-night-stand.html

  5. They are so darling. I want to get some! :0)

  6. I just voted for you. Congratulations!


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