Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chalk Portraits

I totally heart sidewalk chalk. And chalk portraits are a fun idea to try! With school just about out, I'm racking up the boredom busters. And this is on my list!
I traced my girls as they lay on the ground.
Then, simply have them fill in all the details: clothes, accessories, etc.
They had a ton of fun!

Here, my 4 year old poses with her portrait.

Later on, Zoey (6) came along & added a bike to her sister's drawing. Oh, & a tree stump. She's flying over a tree stump.
Here's Zoey's portrait. Sassy sandals huh?


  1. We are BIG chalk fans too! Have you guys tried the 3-D glasses by crayola? Miss M has tons of fun with that. You don't really need special's the glasses that make it fun, so other 3-D glasses might work as well. I also have a recipe for sidewalk paint that Miss M and I made last was super easy and fun too..will post it on my blog when I find it!

  2. Those are so awesome!

    When the music on your website started up, I could totally envision the chalk art taking life, like a stop-action film. Would be cool!

  3. So cute. These pictures made me smile. And the music just kind of added to it. I could just picture what a fun afternoon this was for you all. :-)

  4. Big chalk fans here. Try water & big paintbrushes too with the chalk if you haven't yet.

  5. What a great idea! We use a lot of chalk but I will have to encourage this.


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