Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Elephant Toothpaste

Here is a fun experiment you'll have to try this summer. It's called Elephant Toothpaste.

Of course, when I yelled out "Elephant toothpaste fight!!!!!!", the experiment rose to a whole 'nother lever. (I do not recommend this portion of the experiment for little ones.)

OH! And here is a fun video to watch. Have you ever dropped a Mentos into Diet Coke?
Click HERE.

Happy experimenting!!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! Thanks for the link to the fun science site. My kids will love trying this. (By the way I love your tunes!)

  2. Looks like a blast Nikki! :0) You are so fun!

  3. Ooh... I need to add this to my list of grownup experiments... That and the one with brake fluid and bleach... heh heh

  4. I have a dumb question- since this is made with the same hydrogen peroxide used to process hair color and bleach does it bleach things? I am just thinking of you gals with elephant toothpaste on your clothes and hair. That would be a funny conversation to have. "Oh, Nikki, did you get your hair highlighted?" "Nope. I had an elephant toothpaste fight." lol.

  5. Oh my gosh!! too cool..the boys will love it!!

  6. Randi--not a dumb question at all!
    It didn't bleach our hair or clothes, because when you add all the ingredients together in the pop bottle, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down somehow & essentially the bubbles coming out are just water. (I know I totally explained it wrong.)
    But still, have Elephant Toothpaste fights at your own risk. haha!

  7. I'm bookmarked it! That looks like a ton of fun!


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