Friday, June 12, 2009

I ♥ Race Car Grocery Carts.

The kids are contained & I can shop faster.

OH! On Wednesday we took our first family adventure to the movie theater. The girls had NEVER seen a movie on the "big screen". As Zoey (6) walked into the theater, holding her kiddie snack pack ever-so-carefully, she looked around & said, "This is sooooo cooooool!" The 4 year old did great too. She hopped around from dad, to mom to random empty seats nearby, but she stayed awake. Her first reaction to the theater was this: "This is my best day of my life ever!"
UP was fantastic, on both a kiddie & adult level. I have never seen such a heartwarming animation. Even the little animated short--"Partly Cloudy"-- played before the movie was super! We had fun sharing our favorite parts of the movie on the drive home. This picture is from one of my favorite scenes.

(I'm totally going to make those bottlecap badges like the one Carl wears in this photo! Love, love, love 'em!)
UPDATE: Find the Bottle Cap Badges HERE!


  1. I'm glad you posted this, because I was wondering if my older two (ages 5 and 6) would appreciate Up. They've been to the theater before and loved's so cute to see their eyes light up when they see how HUGE it is! And! Their mean old witch of a mother (er, me) never lets them eat popcorn unless it's in the theater.

  2. Awe! My boys say that same phrase all the time. "This is the best day EVER!" I love that reaction!

  3. Our family went last weekend (Dad, Mom and girls 13, 11 and 5). The four older members of the family practically bawled through most of the movie (in a good way!) and had red eyes and stuffy noses by the times the credits rolled. My 5 year old really enjoyed it and only had "watery eyes" when they were "mean" to the dog! What a great film!!

  4. We have done the local theater in town 2x. They play a different movie each week and next week is UP. I think we are going to try to go. We only made it 20 min through Ratatouille and about 1/2 way through WallE. Since it is the local theater it is cheap so we are okay with if he can't make it through though. Maybe he will with this one!

  5. I discovered your blog today. It's fantastic. Congratulations!
    (I'm spanish, sorry but my english isn't good)
    Have a nice day!!

  6. i can't wait until that movie comes out here!


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