Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Littlest Pet Shop Party Invitations

Despite the self-inflicted last-minute-party-planning status I find myself in, I'm quite pleased with the party invitations. I must tell you that the end result happened by mistake. After hassling with the photo, I couldn't seem to keep the really cool polaroid effect that I had created using poladroid.net during the ordering process through Walmart. Not all of the white sides of the polaroid were showing up--just the top & bottom. Don't know why. Wasn't sure how to fix it. Didn't have time to stress about it. Hmph! I sent the photo anyway, over the internet, --by way of 1 hour processing. After picking up the photos, (which were much darker in person than on the computer. I hate that...), I ended up slicing the top & bottom white parts off & was left with the lovely aged-looking photo. First, I cut a white, blank, folded 5"x7" card in half--like a giant postcard. Then, I printed all the party information on one side. After distressing the card with ink, I placed the photo in a way that it sort of resembled a polaroid. A giant oversized version, but still.

If I had textured paper it would have made the invitations even more excellent. But the party is in 5 days. (Shame on me.)

In fact, I've gotta run. The sewing machine is glaring at me. I found THIS excellent video tute online for sewing favor bags.


  1. Those are too cute! My younger sister in law loves littlest pet shop and would adore these invites!

    We used polaroids for our baby announcements. It probably would have been cheaper the way you did it, haha!

  2. Too cute! I can't wait to see how you pull the party together. I will admit I am procrastinating on my daughter's party at the moment too. Oops!

  3. I think they came out great! So unique and personalized! I do that for a living so many gold stars for you!

  4. Those turned out SO cute! I can't believe how much LPT have changed since my sister and I loved them!


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