Monday, June 8, 2009

Paper Mache To The Rescue!

I made this piece for my mom's birthday about 9 or 10 year's ago. It is supposed to mimic a sewing mannequin or dress form. It is constructed of wire caging covered in paper mache & a final layer of decoupaged sewing patterns.
My dad helped me construct the base, which is made with porch railing, shelf brackets, wood & casters. It's topped with a decorative metal finial.
Paper mache has always been something I love doing. And seeing this piece in my mom's house again got me inspired to get back into the fun mess that is paper mache with my kid's this summer. The great thing about paper mache is that your projects tend to be on-going. It's not an afternoon craft. So, it'll fill up a bit of our summer hours---& at least I'll avoid some of this: "Mom! What are we gonna do today?!"

Hop on over to your local library (you could google it, but go on: get out of the house!) to find some fun paper mache books filled with kid-friendly projects.

In my kitchen, tucked into my recipe box, mixed in with the dreamy lemon bars & pistachio torte recipes, is a paste recipe for paper mache. (That's a sign of a crafty girl huh?) Really, all I use is flour & water. Until it's ooey & gooey & perfectly pasty.
Oh, what to create next???

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  1. We must share a brain!! Miss M and I were making paper mache sheep yesterday for VBS at church next week! I always use liquid starch and flour for my "recipe". We didn't post pics yet, but will do so soon!


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