Friday, June 19, 2009

Party Planning

I am sooooooo far behind on planning Pazely's "Littlest Pet Shop" birthday party, which is the 27th! I have never been this late in sending out invites. Mostly it's cousins & family attending, but I still like to make it official with a proper snail mail invitation.

I played around with some of her toys today & took random photos to use on the invitations. I ran the photos through the super neato polaroid maker at

You can take a peek at all my Poladroid Pet Shop photos HERE.

I'm sending them to Walmart, via the internet tonight, & will pick them up tomorrow. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping all that wonderful polaroid border when I'm ordering though. Wish I knew how to fix it. ARGH!

Anyway, I'm printing all the pics for thank-you notes but her invites will all have the same photo: Pazely's favorite.


  1. I agree 110% with you on the handmade touch. Meredith had a Hello Kitty party a few years back and we made the invitations, thank you notes, cake, and a few other things. Really, I think she likes making things for and planning a party better than the actual party!
    L-O-V-E the invites you posted! Also, remember the plate painting you did way back when (that first led me to you blog)Meredith and I are going to try it on a teacup this weekend. She is having a tea party for her 6th b-day next month and I found some pretty cheap tea cups and saucers...plain white...and we are thinking to personalize for the party goers to use at the party and take home as the favor.

  2. YOU are so making my life easier. My daughter I mentioned in a comment before is having littlest pet shop in September. I like your invite idea because it also shows people which ones she has, since you know people will be looking to GIVE HER MORE:)
    The poladroid is So COOL!


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