Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stacked Dishes Tutorial

These little dishes on pedestals are great for any number of things: use them to hold soap in the bathroom, candies on the coffee table, cupcakes for a sweet party, or organize your crafty supplies!
They are so super easy to make. You need two things: a random assortment of dishes &/or glassware AND E-6000 adhesive.
Most of my dishes & glassware were thrifted.
The fun part is playing around with your pieces until you get an arrangement that's "just right"! You can make large cake pedestals or small candy dishes or whatever your little crafty heart desires!
TIP: Don't forget to turn your vases or other glassware upside down for a possibly more pleasing look.

Once you get your combo exactly how you'd like it, grab your E-6000 & squeeze some onto your base piece.

Smoosh it together & let it sit to dry overnight.

For my smaller pieces, I turn them upside down to dry. The larger pieces are fine standing as they are.
Once they're dry, you can use them as you would your regular dishes. I usually hand wash mine.

I even took a dinged up tea cup-n-saucer & attached it to a vintage spool.
Now it can serve as a bird feeder in the garden. Or, with a candle placed inside, it can provide a sweet outdoor glow in the evening.

Just start stackin' & gluin' & see what fun pieces YOU come up with!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love this! I'm bookmarking it:) I'm moving and I want to do some new stuff with my new place. Thank you for posting this!

  2. they are ace! Can't wait to hit the op shops with fresh eyes, full of possibilities!

  3. Oh Nikki! So, so cute! I need a cake pedastal but they're pricey--problem solved with a trip to Goodwill!

  4. I have a plate in mind for this. It's similar in color to the light green one in one of your photos. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. very, very, very sweet! And cute! DOABLE. Love it.

  6. Those are adorable, especially the teacup on the spool! You have been blessed with such a creative spirit and I love the things you come up with.

  7. I love this. And its funny, some of those dishes in your tutorial I have seen before or seen the pattern on them before. I knew E600 was strong but I didn't think it was strong to hold glass together. Very nice. I was looking at it in Walmart yesterday and wanted to get some but just kept saying no. Now I must get some.

  8. I adore dishes on pedestals! I made one recently out of vintage thrifted glassware (I was shocked when I saw how much they cost in an antiques store!). Got the perfect chance to use them at a dinner party - serving mini triple chocolate cupcakes!

  9. I really enjoy the garden teacup and saucer. I am off to the thrift shop to find bird feeders and candle holders!

  10. I love this idea! Now I can put together the two enjoy things I enjoy and make something new. Your blog is inspiring, sweet and fun. A new favorite!

  11. I just snagged a whole box full of assorted vintage saucers @ the local antique shop. I give a whole 3 DOLLARS for them all. ;) Can't wait to put them to use. I'm really excited about the teacup birdfeeder idea. *grin*


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