Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trademark Shrademark...

I just got back from shopping. For party supplies. Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) party supplies, to be exact. Remember that mission I'm on to try & mix the trademark with the handmade for my soon-to-be 5 year old's birthday party? Well, I've got the "trademark" stuff down REALLY well. I figured I needed a "foundation", ya know? A starting point. So, the tablecloth, napkins, plates, a few party favors, party hats, wrapping paper & dumb party horns that break so easy because the kids slobber all over them have been purchased. Oh, & I each & every package & roll of stickers we bought. Stickers=happy. Now I can go to "Crafty Town" with all my creative ideas. (Which are few at this point.)

I DID purchase some fabric at Walmart though! I'm planning on sewing goodie bags for the kids. I'm bummed that the fabric doesn't have smaller images on it. The animals are around 5"-7" high. I'll make it work.

I had a fun day of purchasing supplies with Pazely--while her sister was in school. We got to hang out together & sip watermelon Italian sodas. She got to pick out things she wanted--the monkey party horns included. At one point during our afternoon of scurrying, she decided she wanted to have a 'My Little Pony' party instead. (Um, no kid--that ain't happenin'!)

Mr. WhiMSy love & I have decided to do her birthday shopping online, to get some more unique LPS items not necessarily found in retail stores around here. So, we have a virtual date tonight. Him, me & Hasbro.


  1. What about cutting a couple of characters out from the fabric and sewing those on to funky fabric? That way you can just use maybe one character per bag or something?

  2. What no little pony! You gotta love kids because not only do they love anything and everything BUT that's what helps bring us all back down to earth. If only having what we want in life really were that easy. P.S. I Love the party supplies.

  3. I am loving this. My daugher is HOPING to have the same in September even though I want a tea party! So we will do tea over the summer just for mommy's joy:)


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