Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week in Review

We had a few days last week practicing the lazy-day summer routine. But today we start our first full week of summer break. And it begins with swim lessons for the girls this morning. I debated what time to schedule their lessons, but I decided that for this first 2-week session I'd do an earlier morning class because it forces me to roll out of bed & get ready for the day.

I'm getting the calendar out this week & writing in all sorts of fun ideas the girls I can do around town. Maybe while I watch my little tadpoles swim today I can plan our lives for the next 3 months.
And I realized last night how FAR behind I am on planning my youngest's birthday party. Eek! & Ugh!

Don't forget about my Vintage Bottle Cap Badge Giveaway. I was tickled that they were featured on THIS BLOG. I'm a big fan of Amanda from Bake it Pretty & am so happy she liked 'em so much to make one her own. I totally the movie UP. I'd love to see it again. And I DON'T say that about very many movies.

Happy Monday!

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