Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blind Drawing

I love me some super quick fun easy activities---& this is one of them! All you need is some paper & something to draw with.
First, think of something to draw. Then, close your eyes & draw it!

Now, open your eyes & laugh!!
This activity is almost more fun for those watching you draw. It's funny to see the silly drawings come about in their wacky ways.

My 6 year old drew this pair of scissors. She totally added that little black bit in the center AFTER she opened her eyes. (CHEATER!!)

Here, Pazely concentrates so hard to keep her eyes closed.

Can you guess what she was trying to draw?
A sun!

A bird with a worm by Zoey.
Zoey & I drew a cow. It looks like she even put a bucket under the cow for the milkin'. haha!
I forgot my udders.
I've also done this project at parties, but you put a paper plate on your head (more sturdy) & draw. That way you know there are no cheaters. Plus it looks funny & everyone can get a good laugh.
Another variation of this activity is something I did in a basic drawing class I once took: You can open your eyes, but you have to look only at the object you're drawing (NOT at your paper!) & you can't pick your pencil off the paper.
This activity is one that can take just a few minutes, or you can really stretch it out for an hour or two!


  1. I remember doing those contour line drawings in school. I wish I took the time to do more of them...

    Maybe while sitting in church!

  2. If you have ever played any of the Cranium games one of the tasks is to draw on teams (like in pictionary) except you have to have your eyes closed and the other members of the team have to guess what you are drawing before time runs out. If you have never played Cranium before I HIGHLY recommend the "Family Fun" version. It's more for kids and better for a mix of adults and kids playing together. It's hands down one of my favorite board games! :-)


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