Sunday, July 26, 2009

Customer Appreciation Photos

I created a new set of photos in my Flickr account specifically dedicated to WhiMSy love customers who've sent me pictures AND to blog fans who've created projects as a result of tutorials I've shown on my blog. I'll also gladly feature a picture revealing your love & affection for all things WhiMSy love. So, if you have any photos lying around & you'd like to send 'em my way, please do!!
The set of "Customer & Blogger Appreciation Photos" can be found by clicking HERE.

The most recent photos I received feature my fork easels used to hold placecards at a customer's wedding. (Photo by Chris Ware Weddings Photography.) My customer, Jessica {who was also the bride!}, handpainted each personalized guest placecard! FYI: She'll be opening an Etsy shop soon.

Thanks to all my fans! You rock my crafty world!
For reals.

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