Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mystery Cards Tutorial

I found this idea in a book called Make Cards (c 1992) by Kim Solga.

The only supplies needed are: cards (or paper folded into a card shape), a black marker, a black crayon & whatever you choose to draw or create with: crayons/paints/colored markers.

Simply color, paint or draw a design using your medium of choice. Leave an area open in your design for the "secret" message or picture. Here my 5 year old drew a cat. Use a black marker to write your message/picture. Pazely's secret picture is a rat inside the cat's mouth.

Now, color over your secret picture/design with a black crayon, pressing hard to cover the area completely.

This is how Pazely's crazy-neon-cat-thingie turned out.

The recipient of your card will need to use a coin to rub away the crayon & reveal the secret hidden message/picture.

Here's more of my mystery card gallery...

I used watercolors to create a polka-dotted tea cup. The message reveals plans for a tea party!

A secret meeting. Shhh!
Here is a pink stove with a secret message baking inside!

"You're sweeter than a cupcake!"
You could even create riddles with hidden answers.
What did the banana do when it saw the ice cream?
(Answer: It split!)

What a fun idea this would make for party invitations! It will also be perfect for some fun school lunchbox ideas I'm trying to gather for the coming school year! Really, a mysterious & secret card is perfect for any day!

**I also wanted to mention that I always try to reference a project or activity shown on my blog to its original creator (or the source I received the idea from) if it is not my own creative idea.


  1. Love this idea! Miss M is already thinking a mystery party next year - we read a chapter or two of a nancy drew clue crew book each night. This would make THE BEST invitations for a party like that!! Can't show her this post though or she would want to get started on it right away and we have to have her 6 year old party on Saturday first!! first things first!!

  2. Ooooo....this might keep my boys busy for hours tomorrow. Thanks! They are very into secret messages right now, so I'm sure this will be a big hit.

  3. I LOVE this idea... I'm going to be having lots of fun with my daughter this evening! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. CUTE!! thank you so much for sharing such a WONDERFUL idea! :) Have a CRAFTY day!

  5. I love these lil'messages.
    When I was 5 (way back in 1985,LOL)
    my teacher taught us how to do this. My brother and I used them often to keep the lil'sis from knowing what we were doing.
    If you or your child likes the secreat message writing then you should try this. Use a white crayon to write your message or pic on white paper, your message can be revealed by lightly coloring on it with a crayon or marker. Or write on paper with lemon juice it will desapear as it dries. It will reappear when placed close to a heat source. light bulb, toaster or your hair dryer. If you let your child do this please Watch Closely. and THIS IS MY FAV-
    Dip a qtip in rubbing alcohol and write on your mirror, when some one takes shower the steam will make it appear and who ever you left it for will have a suprise. I do this one for my husband and he always says it gives him a good sart or end to his day!!
    Have a Bessed Day!!
    Nikki, I will be sending you out a package friday of some things I think you will enjoy. HW

  6. You are a wealth of know how to and creative inspiration and I love that you are willing to do all of the leg work FOR us! ;) Thanks a bunch.


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