Saturday, July 11, 2009

TTV Photography.

Last night I picked up some old cameras at my mom's house that once belonged to my grandpa Bill. I'm really intrigued & totally excited to get into TTV Photography. (TTV= Through The Viewfinder) I took a few pictures in the dark, by the lamp, just to play around. But I think I don't have the proper camera.

I think for TTV you need this style of camera. You know, the kind with the large viewfinder & you look down into it? I could be wrong. I'm just getting into this. But I'm pretty sure that's how they get all those cool square shots with the lovely rounded corners. So, I'll be searching eBay, thrift stores, garage sales. And dreaming of one day owning one.For a great TTV Blog, check out through the viewfinder. Flickr also has lots of TTV groups, but THIS is the one I joined. I just drool while looking through all the amazing photos. That flickr group is also a GREAT resource for all things "newbie TTV".
Also, a great simple explanation is found from the lovely people at Photojojo, HERE.
UPDATE:: A few days ago I bid {& won} on a Kodak Duaflex from Ebay! With shipping, I paid just under 15 bucks! I SO can't wait to get it!!!
And in completely unrelated TTV news, my blog hit a HUGE record yesterday!!! My previous post about the Bedside Hanging Organizer Tutorial made it on the CRAFT:blog! And it seems I received a very large number of hits from!! 6,235 visits?! (Almost 11,000 page views!!) That's crazy. And awesome. At one point yesterday I saw 390 people browsing my blog at one time. I thought for sure my blog would blow up.
Ok, I'm off to have tea with my mom & grandmother.
Happy Saturday!!

{I'll be craftn' this weekend, getting ready for the Shop Update on Tuesday!! Fun new rings & other things! Did you see this photo yet?}


  1. I have always loved this type of photo, too!
    Someone told me you can make any image you take look like this by using photo shop... It's not NEARLY as authentic, but it sounds cool!

    PS- congrats on your booming blog traffic!

  2. I LOVE that top photo with the deer Nik!! So much so that I'd totally buy it. Right kind of camera or not I think you got something going there!! Seriously. Miss ya. ;o)

  3. I had never seen this ttv photography. Very interesting. Maybe you should look on Ebay for a Duraflex camera. They are really cheap! They seem to be selling for under $20. Does the camera have to work to do this? It doesn't seem so since you are just taking pictures through the viewer.

  4. I saw you on Craft and then on One Pretty Thing (I think), so you go girl!!

    I know nothing about TTV but I love your photos esp. the deer and think they look great!

  5. I have just started a collection of old cameras (and just got my first old typewriter) -- those photos are cool!

    And yay on your stats!!!

  6. Hey, congratulations on all the hits! You're a rock star!

  7. Wowza. You totally rock! Did you get lots of sales too?


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