Monday, July 27, 2009

Week in Review

I didn't take many photos this week. I've been busy cleaning my art studio, which, in fact, is almost, almost done! YAHOO! In case you didn't know this: I HATE CLEANING. And something odd happened this week. My hubby JUST found out that I don't like to clean. WHAT?? I thought he already knew my detest for household chores. Don't I make it quite obvious? Don't I whine loud enough? This is such a typical man thing: I had to say the exact phrase "I hate cleaning." for him to understand that I hate cleaning. And you know what he did when he heard me say it? He made the sweetest gesture (which I think will change my life forever): He gifted me with a cleaning crew. And they all happen to live right under my roof. Every Saturday all 4 of us will work as a team to clean! clean! clean! before we begin the day's fun. Our first job as newly banded cleaning crew was this Saturday. My life just got a lot easier. I am so grateful for the help!

Why am I a messy person? I used to be such a clean freak when I was younger. I seriously couldn't go to sleep as a kid until everything in my room was in its place. Well, the cleaning obsession may have gotten lost during the marrying-&-having-babies stages of my life, but I still find some sense of pleasure in organizing. I'll pass any day on the vacuuming & dusting. But...Stacking magazines in pretty rows? Separating buttons by color into jars? Finding happy places for bits of ribbon & trim? Love it.

I even scaled down my massive list of over 2500 emails to a sweet little bundle of 25! (I think I have a hard time letting go.)

Oh, & along with all the cleaning, I watched lots-o-movies to distract me.

  • Across the Universe. (Oh. My. Gosh. The music is amazing! The movie incorporates 33 original compositions written by members of The Beatles. I totally heart the track "Let it Be" & "I Want To Hold Your Hand". What a creative movie! Wowzers. The cameo by Joe Cocker made me smile BIG! My dad introduced me to Joe's music when I was 14 & I LOVE him! Did you know that lots of the music on my playlist comes from movies I watch? Yeppers.)

  • Coraline. (Really liked it! So much eye candy!)

  • The Neverending Story. (A favorite of mine as a kid. Who doesn't love a giant-cuddly-flying-dog-snake-thingie? Um, my kids don't. I was up in the wee morning hours comforting a tiny human who woke with bad dreams.)

  • Dream a Little Dream. (Oh, those Coreys. Movies that scream "80's" just rock in my book. But man! That high-school girl in the movie had, like, ginormous boobies. I can't even relate. I was, like, flapjack flatty in highschool.)

  • LOST Season 4/Disc 1 (Don't tell me what happens! I'm so far behind. No cable & all, you know. I gotta catch up. But EEEEK! I love that show. Every episode is uber entertaining.)
Gosh, I'm long-winded. Could this post get any longer?


  1. Thanck you, i like it so much.

  2. When I have the time for it ('cause I work full time and I'm aging disgracefully, don't ya know = tired a lot or just don't care), I LOVE to clean.

    I get such a sense of satisfaction and well-being when I have a clean house and I know once again where to find everything. Yeah -- this lasts for ohhhhhh roughly 3 days; then I'm brain dead again! Plus, I still have 2 kids who are here just long enough to carry the tornado in with them.

    Oh well, c'est la vie! C'est bonne!

  3. I'm totally on the same page as you, cleaning-wise. I love to fuss over details, but really can't stand the drudgery of vacuuming or dusting.

    Congrats on your built-in cleaning crew (and for breaking the Male Understanding Barrier, LOL!)

  4. Oh, I love the Neverending Story! Brings back so many good memories. Can't wait to see your bottlecap creations.

  5. I wish I had a cleaning crew. Not so much. I guess it goes to show you, all we have to do is ask. Great things can happen.


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