Thursday, August 27, 2009

After Wednesday.

I love randomness. And I love my friend Tia. And so when she showed up unexpectedly at my door this morning with this, it brought me to a very. happy. place.
(She also attached a bag of candies, but my girls & I were all over that before she even left the driveway.)

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I just had to say that it was neat to see the post title because my blog is called "Until Wednesday Calls" so to see After Wednesday was I dunno...just rambling here...Happy Thursday and very cute post!

  2. HEY! I do "Happy Tuesdays" to my friend Lisa- so I'm glad my idea is still intact! :) LOL! Tuesdays are our day when we have lunch together and talk about losers we work with. It's FABULOUS! But candy would be good. We will need candy.

  3. What a cute! idea. WE are going to have to spread some Thursday love in our neighbor hood next week!

  4. I love this! It gets me wondering about how I spread the love to those around me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ramdomness kicks ass! Takes you away from boredom, challenges creativity to work! This comment is all about it. I ramdomly browsed the net for ramdom stuff and found yours. This blog is so FRESH and colorfull, weird, happy and CREATIVE! On a kinda gay way though ¬¬ (sic)... but happiness is sexless, yup? Yup!
    I just loved it.
    By the way, nice funny concept your bug catcher thing...


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