Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear So & So...

Dear Mr. WhiMSy love,

Please stop using my bath towel. I don't know how many times I've told you to keep your sweaty gym body off that thing. Ew. Grody to the max. I've seriously considered embroidering a picture of your face onto your towels. Stop it. PLEASE. Me no likey.

Dear Snack Foods,

Why do I love you so? And especially when you're in the shape of a Hershey's chocolate bar with almonds. Who am I kidding???? Any shape will do.

Dear Waistline,


Dear Nosy-Man-Driving-His-Car-Next-To-Me-While-I'm-On-My-Way-To-Church-On-Sunday-Morning,

Yes. I am plucking my eyebrows. You got a problem with that?

Dear Summer,

I love you. I'm not ready to let you go.
(Although...the girls are getting very rowdy & anxious for school to start. And I am running out of ideas to keep them entertained....)

Talk to me next week. I might be ready by then.

Dear Boy Doll That Belongs To my 6 Year Old,

She chopped off your foot, put you in a freaky dress from the 80's, strangled you with a hideous bow, & smothered you with glittery lipgloss while humiliating & mocking you with her friends. Why? Why did you stick around long enough for this to happen? You should have known what she does to the boy dolls. It's kind of your own fault.

Dear 5 year old daughter,

You make me laugh. All the time. I love it when you sing at the top of your lungs in the bathtub. Or when you beat your chest like Tarzan. Or even when you eat your toast in the shape of a diaper.


  1. Oh, that poor doll! LOL. And love the diaper toast :-)

  2. dear whimsy love - don't ever stop writing blog posts like this - they are too cute!!!

  3. many laughs to your post ! tee hee x

  4. Literally- LOL- well maybe chuckled out loud or giggled out loud. Don't want to wake the rest of the family. Loved your letters. Very cute! The boy doll in the dress really cracked me up.

  5. This was a very wonderful read. Thank you for the morning smiles with my coffee.

  6. I absolutely love this post! I may have to steal the idea for my own blog. My favorite is the doll with one foot... hilarious! :-)

  7. lol! This is a post that I'm gonna have to steal! I love it!

  8. Loved this post Nikki! You (almost) always make me smile! I too may "steal" this idea for a future post :)

  9. Oh my goodness. My kids regularly bite their sandwiches into the shape of a diaper and they think it is hi.lar.ious. LOL. I'm glad they're not the only ones.

  10. oh man, i laughed at the peanut butter diaper- ooh yummmy

  11. Hilariously adorable. You made my day with the "boy doll".

  12. You know how you and the mister don't want the girls dating until they are 40? Any boy that comes near them should be shown the boy doll photo. Thanks for the laugh today.

  13. That really made me laugh, and I so needed a smile! Great blog!

  14. I have not laughed that hard in a very long time. I wish that I could be so clever. Thank you for making my week. I am still lauging...

  15. You make me laugh. That boy doll is HILARIOUS!


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