Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Handy Sunglasses Pouch

I've been wanting to make a case for my ginormous sunglasses for a while. I finally pulled out my felt stash today &--while the kiddies were swimming at the community pool--mapped out a design. This is my prototype. After stitching it up, I'm not sure I like the tuck-under action in the back. I'll try a button instead & see how that goes.
But, I SO love how they turned out that I'll whip up a couple more for the shop & see how they fair.


  1. very cute and i think the flap would be easier to use one-handed, while you're backing out of the driveway. which is when i'm always putting my sunglasses on.

  2. I think they'll fair well! Very cute!!

  3. Very cute! My eldest saw the post below (the cinnamon rolls) and said, "I would like that for a treat!"

  4. İti is so cute i like it very much i love owl very much too.. see you

  5. I love it! A button might be hard to use one handed. I like the flap, or you could do a velcro circle or something to that effect.

    Also- I think it's cute that your reflection is in the lens of your glasses. :)

  6. you could finish of the opening like a casing, and insert 2 pieces of an old metal measuring squeeze the sides and it opens...then closes by itself!! cute, recycled, and no flap to fold under! (i find those annoying!)


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