Sunday, August 30, 2009

How do you roll?

how I roll*

definition: justification for how someone behaves.

Brendan: Hey, Rob why are you at a 20% in science?

Rob: Because I don't hand in any homework.

Brendan: Why?

Rob: Because that's how I roll.

*Brought to you by the Urban Dictionary.

                  • Once in a while when my kids are all up in my face at the butt-crack of dawn whispering over & over & over & over & over about how they're hUnGry I just turn over & pretend I don't hear 'em. That's how I roll.

                  • Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch AND dinner? That's how I roll.

                  • Sometimes I don't get a shower for a couple days & so I stick my hair all up in a pony-tail pretending like I meant for it to be that way, but in reality my greasy hair won't go any other way. That's how I roll.

                  • Often I'll read, make lists, flip through magazines, play games on my the bathroom. It's my sanctuary. My quiet place. That's how I roll.

                  • Most of my clothes I launder are pajamas. That's how I roll.
                    • Lazy day? Periodically I have "lazy week". That's how I roll.
                                    • Once in a blue moon I sneak a piece of chocolate when the kids aren't looking. You know, so I don't have to share. That's how I roll.

                                    I do realize in my attempt to create a photo with a "cheesy gangsta" vibe, that I ended up looking like a hippie clown. I guess that's how I roll.

                                    Peace out dawg.


                                    1. You are to funny!, I love reading your posts!

                                    2. Looks like we roll with the same vibe. Love this.

                                    3. Almost spitting a mouthfull of coffee all over the computer monitor because of an unexpected "crazy laugh" at one of your posts?

                                      That's how I roll.

                                    4. i love hippie clowns, but that's just how i roll...

                                    5. You and I seem to be rolling in the same direction.

                                    6. OMG- this is my saying. Damn you urban dictionary for taking my material!! :) Everybody at work hates how I'm always like, "No- I'm not doing that lame project. I don't roll like that 'yo" to which my good buddy and co-worker will say, "OK everyone, apparently- Sara is a square today". :) LOL!

                                    7. love it...and may have done all of the above once or twice myself! thanks for the smile!!

                                    8. Oh, that's just too funny! I enjoyed that so much... thanks!

                                    9. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who rolls that way! :-)

                                    10. UR so "g". (apparently that means "gansta" or "cool"- according to my 15yo). lol

                                    11. Girl, I AM ALL OVER hiding to have my own piece of candy-dang let mama have something in peace!

                                    12. I think you are my long lost twin!!!!! We roll exactly the same way!!!!

                                    13. you make me giggle! its good to know i have a long-lost twin out there somewhere...well, not somewhere...its good to know i have a long lost twin across the river! =) thanks for making me smile.

                                    14. bahahaha! We rollin' together, G!
                                      Hey, check out this new song "How We Roll" by Britt Nicole...think you might likey. :D

                                    15. OMG W-dawg, you are such a (and I say this with the utmost respect) dork! I love you and all your dorkiness!

                                    16. Calico Prairie---Oh. my. goodness.
                                      "W-dawg"? I LOOOVE it!! haha!

                                    17. Nikki you have me laughing so good tonight. I so need this after the day I've had. Keep on rollin' girl. :-D


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