Friday, August 7, 2009

My Creative Space

These pictures are HORRIBLE. But I was so excited how clean & organized my creative space was after a recent purging & crafty cleansing, that I wanted to show you. Plus, I always think it's fun to see other people's artsy spaces. And maybe you'll have fun lookin' at mine? After looking at these pictures I realize that it might NOT look so organized, but it really is. Most everything has a place now. It might be too much chaos for someone else. It might drive fellow creative-types CRAZY, but it works for me.

I was finally able to get this ribbon explosion under control!

I've rolled each random piece of ribbon & packaged each in a small ziploc baggie. Seriously, this massive mess of ribbons was transformed into a tiny pile of neatness with those little baggies!!

A handful of my favorites have been pinned onto a wee bulletin board. But I'm looking for a cheapo LARGE bulletin board to keep my whole stash displayed on. I love the "at-a-glance" availability of my sweet ribbons!

I decided to keep all my doo-dads & bits & baubles in clear jars. I've used anything from thrifted jars to washed out pickle jars from my own fridge.

I keep my mags in either vintage vinyl record storage racks (on the left) or recycled cereal boxes turned into magazine holders (on the right). Family Fun (August 2009) magazine shows the how-to.

I'm attracted to quirky little hanging shelves. This one holds random sets of salt/pepper shakers that I use for my vintage button bouquets or other small bottles for who-knows-what-kinda-crafty-projects.

Vintage discarded lids hang on the wall & make perfect homes for my magnets.

And you might remember my fabric strips hanging in the window to organize my spools of ribbons & scissors.


  1. yay! i've been looking forward to seeing these pics for MONTHS!!! it looks amazing and very creative nik!

  2. I love your crafty space!! And the borad with the ribbions, that's a great idea. I have a 3ft by 4ft one hanging on my wall that i pin all my ideas on, but never thought of useing it like that. You can get the cork borad squares at craft stores and make your on any size you want. My local stapels as the boards and sheets of it at a price that's not to bad. I got my from my brother, he had drawn all over it with the stuff a 14yr old boy likes, so it's now covered in awsome fabric scraps.
    I LOVE YOUR JAR that's in front of the ribbion board, it's the best!!
    ~Thank you for all your craftyness~
    Have a Blessed week, HW

  3. Super cute space! Fun to see it all tidied up! I must do mine now too...

  4. Oh Nikki, it looks wonderful! I love little packages of ribbon and jars of fun stuff! :D

  5. Wonderful job!
    I think it looks lovely!

    have a great weekend!


  6. Thank you so much for sharing some of your WONDERFUL organizing skills!! :) i LOVE the magazine holders of cereal boxes!!! Just to mention one!! i would have NEVER thought of them for that and i bet it works PERFECTLY! Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

  7. Everything is wonderful... but those doll heads in the window are a little creepy!!! Especially the one that looks like it has scissors going through it! lol

  8. Awesome space!!! I was just putting some stuff away into some new bins I got and thought I'd get around to posting pics of my space this weekend too. WEIRD! :) I'm on the hunt tomorrow for storage things for my computer desk area...wish me luck.

  9. you have some great organizational skills. I really like the little plastic sacks for the ribbons. Where did you get the little sacks?

  10. Loving the organization! I'm in that mode right now and love seeing your progress♥!

  11. What a great space!! Very creative and fun! Here's a link to my new space:

  12. love it! I say do what works for you! I am loving the ribbon storage solution and the red shelf!!! I'm new here and going to be checking out your crafty stuff!

  13. I love your desk and all your storage jars!!!

  14. I love it. It looks very vintage for some reason! Kudos!


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