Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh. Happy. Day.

The girls & I had manicures today.
We went shopping all morning.
We had lettuce wraps for lunch at P.F. Chang's & ribs for dinner at Tony Roma's. (Those are 2 of the nicer restaurants in our area. Don't laugh.)
After we shopped nearly all day, we had our own fashion show in the evening.
We even had to take power naps to restore our faded energy from trying on sooooo many shoes.
(Mommy even got some new duds.)
We've sipped fruity tea's & eaten dessert after every meal.
We plan on attacking the mall next, with brutal fashion force--oh, & some coupons.....
This could only mean ONE THING: My mother-in-law is in town. Yeeeehaaaaw!!!


  1. I love the blog!
    Days like these are so delightful. To add to the delight, I want you to know that I passed your name on to craft critique as my very favorite indie craft goddess.
    your blog is my fave, and I think you are absolutely FUN! and TALENTED! and a really good MOTHER!

    have a super magical day,

  2. Aww, you girls are adorable! Isn't time with MIL fun? My MIL LOVES shopping too!

    You girls look so fashionable!

  3. It's a good thing Miss M can't get to your blog w/o my help...she would be wanting to do ALL these things! Also, love the toothless beauty in the last pic!!

  4. I can't wait to do things like that with my daughter! How fun!

  5. Your daughters and their mom are ADORABLE! and what FUN it all sounds! Thanks soooooooooo much for sharing!! :) Have a SUPER day!!

  6. I looove doing manicure and having shopping days with my kids! It's so much fun! I wish every day could be THAT much fun...but, alas, the dishes must get done eventually :)

  7. I love it! Yay for a fun, girly day!

  8. Hold every minute as long as you can. These are the best of times and make wonderful memories!

  9. too much fun - you guys are so cute

  10. I love the blue nails!!

  11. Oh my. My MIL and I battle it out at every holiday. One day, when's she is long gone and buried, I will have a National Bestselling Memoir detailing my life with Renae. Even Matt is scared of her. Oh, and my favorite, Matt's siblings (Kate and Karl) proclaim I'm there hero after telling MIL off last Christmas. :) Oh yes... one day you will see me on Good Morning America. :) HAHA!!


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