Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My blog friend Laura & I have this weird thing that happens ALL the time: we're often thinking or doing or crafting or wondering the same things at the same time without the other realizing it. And most recently, I've been pondering the whole "What's my style?" thing, expressing myself with a specific style that is true to Nikki--& even to WhiMSy love. Well, yesterday Laura posted on her blog about this exact thing--but also in relation to creating a brand. Check it out HERE. Make sure to read the link she leaves for her newsletter too! Very helpful info & inspiration!

You HAVE to check out THIS hilarious video on You Tube. (Sent to me by Sara of Scrapin' Sara's Gifts.)

Recently Zoey (my 6 year old) came running to me, tattling on her 5 year old sister: "MOM! Pazely just told me she wished she had a DIFFERENT sister named Lily!!!"

We just had my ma-in-law in town for the weekend from Arizona. The girls had a slumber party every night with their grandma. On the first morning they all woke up, my girls told grandma that she snores like a man.

Hey, don't forget that any of my customers that make a purchase at WhiMSy love this month are entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate. Yahoo!

I'm tinkering around with the idea of doing the same holiday bazaar I did last year. I think I may go for it. (Deadline is approaching. I need to think FAST!) It's the only one I'll have done this year. (And the only one I did last year.) I didn't end up making as much money as I'd hoped, but I had FUN. It's so much fun seeing the people look at your stuff & I really do enjoy all the randomness that happens. And it was fun meeting a few other Etsy peeps. I wonder if I can twist Tia's arm into helping me again?! I think I'll mix things up a bit & not bring as many varied items. Streamline it a bit. And really, I need to start cranking out crafty stuff NOW!

Hey, I'm trying to create a cute little WhiMSy love blog button/badge. You know, so all my fans can copy & paste a cute little WhiMSy love graphic on their blog? I tried following the tutorial HERE, but why am I so confused?? Can't figure it out. Any help??!!
Ok, that's enough randomness for one sitting.


  1. Yay! I'm famous! :) HAHA!! Well Olivia proclaimed to me this morning that Jackson poops to much that she would like him to go back to the doctor and maybe we could get a girl instead. She's also sick of him eating her crayons. PRICELESS. I think a bazaar would be fun. Plus for this year you have a better idea of what will/won't work. AND- I just finished a new book "Second Hand" by Michael Zoodardian (last name spelled wrong maybe). I think you'd appreciate it. :)

  2. LOve the pictures! But...are my eyes playing tricks on me, or are you jumping REALLY high! How in the world!?

  3. I love your photos.

  4. regarding the craft fair....this year might be better than last year. the economy isn't quite so icky as it was last year (or people are more used to it or something) and it might be more of a success than last year too. =)

  5. i just love seeing that little bench and all the ways you leap across it!

  6. As for the badge, I think the tutorial might be more complicated than it needs to be. You need a photo. Then, you need to size it down to "badge" size (150x150 or whatever you want) using just about any photo software. Then, you need to upload it to the internet (so it has an address). You can upload it to your image folder (on your blog or your website) or, if you don't have your own domain, then you can upload it to a photo site and that will give you an address as well. Then, it will have an address to link to....for people to be able to use the linkable badge, you must give them a code. The code consists of both your website link and the badge image, in html format (fancy for web code). There is an example of this shown in the tutorial you listed.

    I don't know if I simplified this for you or made it worse, but I tried :)

    If you have further questions, you can email me, if you'd like. Not an expert, but DO have some experience. I taught myself...believe me, I understand your frustrations.

  7. Thanks for sharing your "randomness"-makes me feel better about my own style of communication which involves constant spider webbing! Also, your friend Sara's site is lovely-another great blog to learn and grow with.And finally thx, TLC inspirations for passing on "button" help.

  8. Thanks for the sweet words! (Sorry I didn't see this earlier-I've been on vacation!) I had a few of your readers visit my blog. What a bunch of fun people!


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