Monday, August 24, 2009

Window Writing

Last weekend the girls & I had some fun decorating the outside of our house windows. Just because. We used a window marker, which we got at Walmart in the party section. But on my last visit, I saw all sorts of colors in the crafty section.
This would be a fun way to spell out "Happy Birthday" if you're having a party. I'm even thinking of surprising the girls when they wake up on their first day of school with some fun messages to celebrate their BIG day!
Here is a cupcake I drew along with this phrase: "Happy As a Cupcake!"
The marker washes off very easily with a hose.
I even attacked our tiny bathroom window, which sits above the bathtub. To remind the bathers of their duties you know.
And then Zoey drew some guy riding a horse & farting. (I didn't even bother to ask. I blame her dad.)


  1. TOO CUTE!! it sure looks like a TON O' FUN too! :) Thank you so much for sharing the smiles!!! Have a GREAT day! :D

  2. We have the same kind of window over our tub!!

  3. You've given your small fry a lovely holiday. Well done, Mum! Lisa.

  4. FUN! I used to always have these in my skater bag in high school and write random things on my friends' car windows all of the time. :) I have a couple in my junk drawer at home and we decorate the windows in the fall. Olivia liks to do snowflakes and we write "Santa- Stop Here" on her window, and then around Halloween we draw spiders and ghosts. THEN, scrubbing the windows turns into a it's a twofer activity!

  5. My friend decorated her car for our other friend's birthday with these before we picked her up. Pink and green cupcake windows were so cute!

  6. we are having a birthday party this weekend. This would help us decorate a bit. And also maybe some love notes for the hubby! We made our bug catcher necklaces today. too cute!

  7. This is also a fun way to practice Spelling words... worked for my kiddos... also dry erase markers work great on windows too!


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