Monday, September 14, 2009

"B" to the "D".

My big girl is 7 today. I can hardly believe it.
And I felt so sad for her today. She had to stay home from school 'cause she's sick. She had to hang out with mommy. And visit the doc. What a way to spend your special day. She was SO looking forward to having her classmates at school sing her Happy Birthday {Cha Cha Cha} & getting to wear the princes birthday crown all day.
She got to open prezzies from mommy & daddy though. So that cheered her up. I'm really hoping she lets me play with her new Easy Bake Oven. (*crosses fingers*)
Her party is on Saturday & I know she's looking forward to celebrating with her friends.
She has to stick to bland foods this evening & if all is well by the morning she can make her appearance once again at school. I guess that means no birthday cake tonight. Maybe I'll stick some candles in her saltine crackers.


  1. Happy Birthday little one..hope your feeling better real soon..

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    What sweet photos- bummer about the saltines and school missing. Shaye has missed SO many good days like Halloween and Valentine's Day that she had special outfits forand was looking forward too because of illness. Always a bummer. Funny how at about this age they all add the cha-cha-cha. :)

  3. ah, Happy 7th Birthday Zoey!! Nikki I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You, We hope you feel Better. Happy Birthday to you!

    Hope your feeling better soon.

    From The Johnston Family.

    P.S. My daughter loves the Birthday Cha~Cha~Cha song too. Hear is a secret. (Cha~Cha is her nick name, short for Charleigh (Charlie). So she laughs when they sing it to her.

  5. Aw, that is just NO FUN. Poor baby! My son is three months from seven-- and I am not ready for this. Sigh.

  6. Here's a happy birthday from someone you don't even know, and prayers are being said for a quick recovery!

  7. happy birthday! I was sick on my 7th birthday too!
    it was rubbish but I had a great party when I was better :o) Hope you do too.

  8. happy birthday!!!!! hope you're feeling better soon!

  9. Awww, poor Zoey :( Hope she gets better quickly! It's just a crime not to get buttercream on your birthday! Poo.

    Happy Birthday, Zoey :)

  10. Just an FYI- there are recipes on line for 'little' baked goods that can fit in an EBO... you don't have to buy those $4 prepackaged goodies at the store!


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