Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long Labor Day Post.

Although Summer will still be with us for another 2 weeks, my fam & I celebrated Summer's end with our final picnic & water play of this season. Our favorite local place to jet-ski & boat is Levey Park on Lake Sacajawea.

I cannot believe the luck of this photo! My brother took my girls & me trolling on his boat & I looked in the water & saw a random floating flower. I snapped a picture but didn't realize until later that I also captured the reflection of the sky & clouds! Love.

I guess Pazely's love meter was maxed out.

I couldn't keep away from the wildflowers.

Summer, you've given me my most favorite warmest season memories yet. Thank you.

And now I wait anxiously for your friend Fall...


  1. Love all the photos! Looks like your labor day was loads of fun :)

  2. what a great spider pic! I have been trying to get one of those for ages! There is something about the way they look on a web...even though i am not a fan when they are chasing me around the house.

  3. oh my gosh those sunflowers are so pretty. i love the one with the rounded edges! is that some after editing or are you shooting with something different?


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