Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Owlie News

These felt owlie pencil toppers are in the shop now! I've made up a dozen or so of them as part of my crafty inventory for the holiday bazaar too. They'll be accompanied by some cupcakes & some other yet-to-be determined design. I think these would make excellent stocking stuffers. Don't you? (I know you might be cringing thinking of the holidays already, but I HAVE to. Believe me, I'd cringe too.)
And I'm almost, almost, almost done with my first batch of harvest owlies. I'm so excited about them & have even changed up a few things about the owlies in general. Firstly, I'm using a bit of a machine embroidery technique to embellish them. It's such a special {& yet simple} touch--just wait 'til you see. And secondly, I've decided to make limited numbers of the owlies. The vintage fabric I find to create my owlies usually comes in small quantities. So, I'll decide how many owlies can come from a particular piece of fabric & then number them accordingly: 1 of 15, 2 of 15 etc. Some owlies may come in a limited number of 25, some may only come in a limited number of 5. It all just depends on the fabric I find. I think that'll make 'em even more special. I hope you think so too.
I'll definitely have a preview of the owlies this weekend for ya! (And possibly a few in the shop!)


  1. Go Nikki and you bad ass holiday thinking self. :) I on the other hand, am refusing to acknowledge it's October.

  2. So Cute! I made 1 in your honor. I love it. LOL


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