Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paper Doll Birthday Invitations!

I'm so excited to be getting started planning Zoey's upcoming 7th birthday party. She chose a "paper doll" theme. The invitations, which I had to whip up rather quickly, came out quite lovely & I really adore them. Here's how I made them...
I like to give the flavor of the party in the invitation. I'm hoping this one will have a sweet, simple & old fashioned feel. I scoured the internet for vintage birthday invitations & read the sayings until I found one I liked. I just copied & printed that onto the blank notecards I had, along with all the party info. I usually make up my own little message inside, but I like the rhyme-y, sweet, innocent sayings inside those old cards.
I used blank cards cards that were 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". I found scrapbook paper in the colors that I'm planning on using at the party: yellow & pink. I cut rectangular shapes in 3" x 4" size & rounded the corners with my decorative scallop-edge scissors. (Nifty trick huh?!)
I used a couple tiny bits of double stick tape to hold the paper in place while I stitched around the edges on my sewing machine with a bright yellow thread.
After I printed out all the information I realized that I forgot to mention on my invite WHO the party was for. So, I snuck a little "Happy 7th birthday Zoey!" in tiny font on the back of the card.
I've spent the last couple nights cutting out paper dolls & paper doll outfits. And I'll be cutting out LOTS more before the party day arrives. I used vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls. You can find them HERE. I could sit for hours & gaze at all the lovely paper doll clothes. Crafty yumminess! I'd like one of each, please.
I printed them onto sticker paper so I could easily & quickly get my invitations done. But gluing would work just as well. I plan on using those images for LOTS of accessories & decor at the party!
To seal the envelopes, I cut out the sweet little paper dolls & stuck them right on the back.

This will be Zoey's first "friends" party. Usually it's just been mostly family: aunts, uncles, grandparents, a few cousins & maybe some friends. But now that she's getting older she has become more social & made more friends--in & out of school. So, I'm excited for her to have a festive day of her own with a bunch of squealing girls!
Oh, & thanks for your ideas for old-fashioned games & crafts. Keep 'em coming!

To view the party, click HERE!


  1. those are stinking adorable. :) Great job!

  2. I *heart* your invites! They are SO sweet! I'm loving Betsy, my 3yo is just on the cusp of paper dolls. I cut out a few and she is juuuuuust starting to play with them. Love it!

  3. These are awsome!! I love paper dolls. It is such a cute birthday party theme!

  4. That is soooooo cute! I love your blog! You inspired me to start my own blog too! Your crafts are amazing and everytime I see the little prize caps in the vending machine I think of you and your bug catcher necklaces! Loves it!

  5. Awwww, the invites turned out so cute! Hope you all have a great time celebrating her 7th~ they grow up fast, don't they? She'll have a ball!

  6. cute, cute, cute! it's gonna be another awesome partay by nik!

  7. oh goodness, i love reading what you do for parties! i go all out for parties too, but i've not really gotten much into the cards yet. although last year's mermaid party for my daughter i helped her design and create. used a picture she made and scanned it and shrunk it down and she glued it on the invites.

    this year she was saying she wanted an origami party, but changed to something else i'm forgetting now, so i'll have to check in with you when we firm it up and see if you have any ideas for me. :)

  8. Well aren't these just darling..I cannot wait to see the looks to be so much fun for a young girls heart...

  9. My daughter is turning one next week...I have been wavering on what exactly to do. Want to keep it small so she doesn't get overwhelmed, but the mom in me wants to still plan a few fun details. Your invitations inspired me to craft up a few simple ones for the family members we are inviting and of course to go in her memory book! I love your ideas!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Very cute. The top stitching is a great touch.

    I have a Betsy McCall and vintage paper doll site too, that you or your readers may enjoy. The paper doll images are posted at a higher resolution than most online pd's, which are usually just at screen res.

  11. Hi Teri!
    I'm so glad you mentioned your site because I LOVE it but when I needed to, I couldn't find it again, so thanks for stopping by & leaving your info!

  12. How do you print on the invites? Do you have a special program for that? And yes, I am that computer illiterate. THey are very cute. I Cannot wat to see what else you come up with for the party. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  13. OMG...those invitations are so cute. Great job!


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