Thursday, September 24, 2009


Apparently there is a pumpkin shortage. Just found that out from one of my fellow Twitter peeps. Not enough sun & too much rain made for a small crop. So now all my running around to every grocery store in town for canned pumpkin kinda makes sense.

I saw the movie Rumba last weekend. I'm a sucker for a great foreign indie film & this was SUPER! It was lovely, charming, funny & perfect in every way. You have to watch it! There was not a whole lot of speaking in the movie, which was interesting. The characters/actors are amazing. To see a preview click HERE. I want to dance like Fiona.

My weekly Tuesday adventure with Tia was another dandy. We sucked down some coffee & headed to the library where we realized that the quiet atmosphere really is not best suited for us. We quietly flipped through mags, oh-so-gently conversed in hushed tones & pitter-pattered with gentle fingertips on the computer. We got the giggles & then knowing we HAD to be quiet just made it worse. But, we managed to perfect the "giggle whisper"!

So, I "officially" found out that I'm definitely a vendor at the Badger Mountain Holiday Bazaar that I applied for. It's only the 2nd time I've ever done a show---this same bazaar was my first last year. Maybe it's silly that I'm doing it, since I didn't have such success the first time around. I'm really trying to think of a new way to approach it. I just need time to work on some new ideas. And build stock in the items that are my crafty foundation. And then I always have my annual holiday ornament & card to unveil. I haven't even STARTED on those. Need to work on that. Gosh, I better get craftin'!

I just heard of & if you've lost your cell phone you can enter your phone number & it will call you for free. Haven't tried yet, but it seems genius to me. And I lose my cell phone ALL the time.
Have you seen THIS yet? Pure brilliance. And beautiful.


  1. That bird video is so. stinking. cool. :)

  2. well wishing you lots of success on your booth!! I'm doing a halloween swap, so I need to start my crafts also!!

  3. Thanks for posting the bird video...shared it on my FB ;-)

  4. You went to a library? I so would have been kicked out there with my friends. LOL! Congrats on you both being good. And pumpkin shortage? Ok that actually worries me. I love my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. I guess I need to start looking for one asap. And congrats on the show!!! I know you'll have fun. :-)


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