Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Super Simple Thank You Notes

With Zoey's birthday party complete, that means it's time for the thank you's. And I don't always have time to get super crafty (believe it or not), so I whipped up some quick notes. I made sure to take a photo of all the party guests together on the day of the birthday celebration. Then I simply had the photos made into wallet-sized pictures at Walmart, used some double-stick tape to attach them to some pretty patterned notecards & I was done! It'll be a nice little reminder to her friends of the fun had on Zoey's special day.


  1. What a great idea!, those are super cute!!

  2. That is a fantastic idea, may have to utilize this for Christmas :)

  3. I love it when young moms are teaching their children such skills like writing real thank you cards! Your picture notecards are GREAT and I know each recipient will be thrilled when she receives hers in the mail!
    Tell Zoe (and Mom, too), "Job well done!"

  4. you are such a great mummy!!!
    I'm sure your little girls will grow up to be as sute and thoughtfull as you Nikki!
    And teh thank you cards as a beautiful thing

  5. What a sweet idea! And so thoughtful too. I bet Zoey had fun making these!

  6. Lovely! I recently blogged about kids being involved in sending thank you notes, too! I love the cards you used....I had the same ones a while back from Target and wished I would have bought SEVERAL packs. The patterns are super sweet!


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