Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week in Review

I was thinking about this whole thing of "firsts". Baby books are filled with firsts such as "First Smile", "First Tooth", "First Steps", etc.

I was thinking, "Why do the firsts stop there?", "Why don't we continue to record the rest of the firsts of our lives?" Once you take the first step, they're all the same after that: B o r i n g. First tooth? Pretty soon your mouth is full of 'em. Not very exciting anymore.

Firsts help keep life interesting. And we can still celebrate them, however sentimental or silly they may be...

The first time my dad taught me to drive. (An old blue truck. And I got it stuck in the desert.)

My first photobooth pictures. (6th grade. I'll have to show 'em sometime. I was looking quite gawky & uncool.)

My first divorce. (haha! Seriously, there was some celebration going on.)

My first Etsy sale. (Wheeee!)

My first movie in a theater. (E.T., when I was 7.)

The first time I shaved my legs. (I was a hairy little beast.)

My first crush. (*swoon*)

I don't want to live life doing the same old thing, walking the same old b o r i n g steps. If my week is not filled with at least one first, then what a waste of 7 glorious days.

*Click on the picture mosaic for a photo play-by-play.


  1. Loving the picture collage this week- so vibrant and full of "happy life" moments!! I REALLY love your post!! Today I am baking my first apple pie EVER! (My sister had taken that job over from my parents) but today- I trying it. :) Have a happy monday!

  2. I totally agree!!! I'm documenting all kinds of firsts for my kids..our first beach trip is coming up soon is the most exciting that's happening this year! And I kind of snickered when you said "first divorce" as if you are expecting to have a few under your belt. :) LOL!!


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