Friday, September 4, 2009

The Weekend Sampler

This first week of school is kicking my night-owl butt. I really would prefer a nap in the day. And since Zoey's been learning to read, I'm trying to convince her that she should read ME to sleep every night & tuck ME in.

I've been itching to do some fun tutorials & though I love all the things that are keeping me busy, I unlove how the day goes by too quickly before I can get ALL my fun stuff done. I've been working on Zoey's upcoming party. I've been immersed in the swamp of supplies for the bug catcher necklaces. (Beads everywhere! It's like finding sand in weird places after you come home from the beach. Only with beads. NO--it's not THAT bad.) And I've also been devoting myself to getting the girls on a regular routine since school has started. "Mommy" needs to implement the new routine for herself too. My summer schedule is not fitting in with the plan now. Bummer.

I'm hoping to craft up a storm this weekend: sew, make new rings, & FINALLY get some quiet time to work on some projects rattling around in my head. I'm wanting to come up with a few new items for the Holidays & so I'm ironing out some kinks & setting the working projects into motion.

I've been experiencing a lot of "duds" lately. Which is good practice. I have fun with the process of invention & discovery. It's just frustrating to run into that unpleasant crafty wall & have to start over. Or re-do things. Or realize your brilliant idea turned out to be a crappy one (with a capital POO).

Anyway, I'll still be madly working every spare minute this weekend on party details. And Bug Catcher/Treasure Keeper Necklaces. (The girls thank all their lovely customers by the way!)

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I forgot to brag about this yet: I'm super excited to find out that Christian recording artist Britt Nicole owns 2 of my Vintage Button Rings! Am I totally name-dropping? Fo sho. And I was told that she "LOVES" the rings. Sweet, huh? YAY! So now whenever I hear her songs on the radio I cop this dorky attitude & I'm like, "Yeah, she wears my rings. In fact, she's probably wearin' one right now."

Happy happy weekend!


  1. That is SO cool that Britt has some of your merchandise. I was just listening to her on the radio today. That's BIG!! Congrats!!

  2. Good luck with breaking through the wall. All organisational tips that help make time for crafting gratefully accepted! Could that be a tutorial, too, please? Lisa.

  3. Oh, I LOVE that! Don't sweat the "name dropping" thing...we all do it at some point ;-) BTW...I've sent this page to her & her mom ;-P How's that for name dropping!

  4. Well of course Britt knows CUTE when she sees it! Now how do we get her to endorse them WHILE ON STAGE!

  5. That's very cool about your button rings. They are so very cute. And congrats on the girls have successful returns to school. Hope you are able to get into a routine so you have less craving for a nap. ;-) This comes from a fellow night owl who stayed up so late she had to sleep during the day today and now she'll be up all night. Ugh! LOL! So just know while you are up late on the west coast I'm up late with you on the east coast. LOL! I so need to change my night owl status...somehow. LOL!


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