Friday, September 18, 2009

WHAT? (Part deux.)

This is the 2nd edition of my “WHAT"?” series, inspired by Pampering Beki’s posts. (Part one can be found HERE.) This is a collection of random Google searches that brought people to my blog. Read on…

how to do a cute bookmark
(Just like an ugly one. Only cuter.)

hot amateur moms
(I knew I was "amateur". But "hot"? Well, well...lawdy be...)

who smells dinkydoo
(Check the bottom of your shoe.)

elastic headbands give me headaches
(Me too!)

b'dazzled teeth
(I SO want to see some! Is that anything like "bejeweled grillz"?)

ahhh weekend
(I know, right?!)

amateur love making
(& you came here? Puh-lease.)

another parent says she would like to come over and see my home before her seven year old can come over for a playdate
(So? Do you keep wild beavers as pets, house ponies in the basement & wash your dishes in sewer water? Then you have nothing to worry about. )

argyle socks in bed
(as long as they don't clash with your sheets.)

arts and crafts pipe cleaner valentines or love or bug or "kit kat"
(You're making me dizzy. Just pick one!)

calories in walmart birthday cupcake
(who cares. it's a cupcake.)

can you make love on a bean bag?
(I'll get back to you on that one. haha!)

could framed handprint christmas art be hung year round?

do butterflies leave behind glitter when hit?
(OK, first of all, that's just weird. And secondly, why are you smacking butterflies anyway?)

how do I make necklaces with real bugs?
 (For reals? Hey, are you related to that weird glitter-butterfly dude?)

how sweet you are?
(Let me count the ways…)

I always wish for but never get this for my birthday-->
(a trip to Disneyland...& world peace)

lemon bars always runny
(Stick 'em in the oven. The baking process usually helps to solidify.)

meaning of zippetydooda.
(Zippetydooda is probably related to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.)

things that children without moms don't know
(Well, their mom, for starters.)


wacky tiaras
(you mean like THIS ONE?)

what to do if the hanger comes out of your pinata.
(Kick the pinata around the neighborhood. Or finally hang those trousers.)

whimpsy love
(Um, there's no "p" in "whimsy".)

whimtsy love
(Nope. Still didn't get it.)

whimsy lov

why small parties fun?
(because big parties boring.)

wymsy love
(You again?)

onion whimsylove
(please don't tell me my blog makes you cry when you read it.)


  1. Thanks for a good laugh to start the with. But, I have to ask - what in the world made you think of beavers for pets? Are they dangerous? Do you know people who keep them? I personally think my seven year old might like to play at someones house, if they had a pet beaver.

  2. OMG I have tears in my eyes... I especially love 'Whimpsy Love' lol.


  3. so many to mock, so little time...

  4. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    *stops to gasp for breath*


    That is all.

    Oh, and also, someone once found my blog by searching for "helicopter ride to get donuts." Which, IMO, really shows a serious dedication to breakfast pastries, and I respect that.

    That is really all.

  5. LOL thank you for sharing such FUN! i cannot remember what brought ME to your blog but i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GLAD i did! hehe
    i can hardly believe that no one RSVPed to your invitations. it's IMPOSSIBLE that noone is coming, cuz you are too much FUN to NOT go! :) Thank you for ALL that you share! Have an AWESOME day!

  6. People find my blog by searching: What rhymes with magic.

    Tragic. In more ways than one, eh?

  7. OMG I am crying from laughing so hard (and my three year old keeps asking me "are you okay mom? What's so funny?" soooooo funny!

  8. Hah wow that cheered me up after a long evening of studying.

  9. Girl~you put the whit in whitmsy! Hee!

  10. Playing catch up on your blog and this one had me giggling so hard. LOL! I so hope you do another sometime. :-)


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