Thursday, October 8, 2009

always. sometimes. never.

I swiped this idea from Blinking Flights blog...

i always:
* dream about the next project i'll make
* forget where i put stuff
* eat too many desserts
* have a peaceful heart
* love getting hugs

i sometimes
* stay up really late (ok, i always stay up really late)
* dance around the house when i'm all alone
* wear red lipstick
* lounge in my pajamas all day
* read out loud with a British accent

i never
* carry cash
* eat sushi
* speed
* know what to do with my hair
* hold grudges


  1. You're a doll.

    Just in case no one's told you that yet today. :)

  2. I think you hair always looks cute! I was just thinking the other day it was really growing quickly b/c it doesn't seem that long ago you did locks of love.

  3. I don't hold grudges either. I think it helps with the always having a peaceful heart! I loved this post....I might steal the idea too.

  4. Great idea - linked my my blog!

  5. cool lists nik! i think i need to come visit you on my next 'meet blog friends for real trip!'


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