Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goofy Glasses from Pipe Cleaners TUTORIAL

I got this idea from a book, but I changed up a tiny bit of the construction. I thought these would be perfect accessories for Halloween costumes, not to mention everyday dress-up for the wee ones.

The only supplies you need to make 1 pair of Goofy Glasses are: 3 pipe cleaners & scissors. (NOTE: If you have the really sturdy nice pipe cleaners then 3 will work. I had some pipe cleaners from the dollar store that were pretty flimsy so I doubled up in certain steps & had to use a total of 5.)

Take 1 pipe cleaner & cut it in half. These will become the "lenses". Oh, & I'm sure the fuzzy pipe cleaners would be more comfortable to wear (& less itchy), but all we had were these metallic ones. (Can you say 'pipe cleaner rash'? haha!)

Loop these 2 pieces into a circular shape, twisting the ends over themselves.

In this next step, you'll cut 2" off the remaining long pipe cleaners.

 If you have the strong kind of pipe cleaners, you'd just be cutting TWO 2" pieces off. But, I had to double up & that's why there are FOUR 2" pieces on mine. (Gosh, hope that's not confusing.)
Take ONE of those 2" pieces (I took TWO) & twist it to connect the "lenses".

Now, take your two long leftover pipe cleaners (I had FOUR) & connect them on opposite sides of the "lenses". (I twisted each of my pairs together. You can see how the bottom side is twisted & the top side hasn't been twisted yet.)

Now fit the glasses on your face to measure how long they should be. Twist them up, over & around the ears.

Carefully take them off your ears & snip the excess off with scissors.

These bigger Goofy Glasses were made the same way--except you'd use one whole pipe cleaner for EACH "lens".

You could really go crazy with silly shapes like stars or triangles, etc.
Have fun!


  1. I LOVE THESE! (I only wish they could hold a bifocal prescription!)

  2. Great silly idea! Hey, I was looking for easy how to's for making a "knight" costume (princess/knight party we are attending this weekend) and came across this link:

    Have you seen this already? Looks like something full of crafty fun for your gals!

  3. What a fun idea for kids! I think I'll make myself a pair :)

    ♥ xtine

  4. So great - can't wait to make these with my class!


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