Monday, October 12, 2009

Here fishy, fishy...

(Guess who's going on a fishing adventure in the morning with her brother?! ME! Yahoo!)
I'm a fishing newbie. The last time I really fished was when I was a kid, with my dad.
I got my 1-day fishing permit tonight. And in the morn' I'll be packing lunch & munchies & 2 hot pots of warm yummy drinks. Is it weird that I'm bringing pumpkin pie? I just thought it sounded delicious. Although, anything mixed with the smell of stinky fish seems to immediately turn unappetizing. So, we'll see...
I'll be wearing thermal undies & Mr. WhiMSy love's oversized coat & every other warm piece of clothing I can find. *It's gonna be cold!!*
Anyway, I'm super excited & can't wait!!


  1. my advice:
    catch fish, and put them in a bucket for your brother to "take care of them" without you there to see how it all works...its way more fun that way!
    xoxo have a great time!

  2. have fun!! Jerrod & Andrew went last weekend with a friend... they caught 14 small mouth bass.. they were yummy!!

  3. I tried fishing when I was little as some weird rite of passage. But putting hooks in worms was kind of gross, and I felt bad hurting fish. Needless to say, nobody takes me fishing because apparently, my rants on involuntarily facial piercings isn't shared. :)

  4. So did you catch anything?

  5. how weird! i just posted something on my blog about fishing yesterday...same title too! have fun fishing today!


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