Thursday, October 22, 2009

History in the Making

Recently I was thinking about how the things we make have a story whether we realize it or not. All handmade things have a history.
For instance, you might think about "that baby quilt" you've saved for years & remember how your little babe used to lay so innocently upon it or played peek a boo with it as a toddler. Eventually it became the building materials in some serious fort construction. And then it folded so nicely at the end of a teenager's bed. But, did you think about the "birth" of the quilt? Yes, grandma made it. But, did you know she made it while smoking cigars & watching reruns of her favorite soap operas? (OK, that might be a bit extreme. haha!)
But I think it's fun to think about where things came from or wonder how they came to be.

 My vintage buttons rings are usually made while I'm cozy on the couch late at night, all alone while the family sleeps, sipping hot yummy drinks & watching my favorite indie films.

My little felt owlie pencil toppers were mostly made as I traveled back & forth with my family over the mountains to visit my dad at the Veterans hospital in Seattle after he was diagnosed with cancer last year.

My girls & I create our bug catcher necklaces while making up nonsense stories & giggling about silly things.

And I just thought about a delicious pistachio torte dessert I made not long ago---while crying & brokenhearted.

The saga of our handmade treasures doesn't start when the final layer of decoupage is dry or the last loose thread is snipped. The tale of our projects-in-the-making do not commence once the painting is "just so" or the meringue has perfectly set.
The story of each thing we create begins even before they are loved. Their history the making.


  1. Loved this post! :)

  2. Wonderful words nikki!
    You made me cry while reading this... wondering about my granny square baby blanket. Mine conz my grandma made it for me when My mum was pregnant. I used it as a baby, I used it to play with my dolls. My goddaughter slept under it, my little girl and my baby boy as well. I'd love to know her story. Sadly, she passed away soon after I got married, back in Dec 04 adn I miss her dearly.
    Cheers for you all!

  3. Treasuring treasures is a treasure in itself!

  4. N - You are right. It was good to be reminded of some of the Bigger Picture. Thanks!

  5. One of your most touching posts ever. Thanks for being so tender.

  6. this was a great post for me today as I am setting up a vintage tea table for a ladies event at church - using "finds" and a few handmade things that belonged to both of my grandmothers.

  7. Love this post :)

    Sad to hear you were brokenhearted, hope your heart is on the mend.

  8. I have my Mother and my 89 year old Grandmother visiting right now. Your post has made me think about all the wonderful things we have all made for one another over the decades in a new, beautiful way.
    Thanks ;)

  9. so true. you NEVER know when you are creating a tradition


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