Sunday, October 4, 2009


I had my weekly meet-up with Tia last Tuesday & it made me realize how lovely it is to just go, get away, take a break. Not that I'm a terribly busy mom, or an overworked person, or even a stressed-out housewife. But I know that if I don't get a regular dose of "me" time, I could quite possibly turn into a monster. We all need "ME" time, dontcha think?. At least I think we do.
And I even schedule my "me" time so it won't get fogotten.
Some Saturdays I'll go out---alone---& hop around my preferred thrifty spots. Or I'll escape to the quiet library to sit & browse at books---uninterupted. Other times I'll let the family know that I'm barricading myself in the art studio for a couple hours---so please refer to "the daddy" for all questions, needs, concerns & arguments. Sometimes I sit & listen to inspirational music & just download by talking to God. And then occasionaly I'll giggle while drinking coffee (which takes great effort) with my favorite friend.
When I take a little time for "me", these kind of words become true: rejuvenated, refreshed, reinvigorated.
How do YOU spend your "ME" time?


  1. Thank you for posting this. I have printed it out and taped it to Matt's dresser where he drops all his junk. He gets, oh let's be nice and say "irritated" when I take some me time. :)

    When I do me time, it's basically to read, shop, or if I'm really lucky, go out with friends. :) I can't do crafty stuff uninterrupted unless it's at night when they are in bed since my closet is in the dining room with no doors. In the next house? It will be a room..with doors...and a lock. And possibly sound proof walls. :)

  2. i can sooo relate to this post! My hubby took my daughter to the zoo on Saturday so I had my first "me" time in ages. I just spent it creating art in my little workspace with my mp3 player on the speakers, listening to beautiful music. It was bliss! But then I felt guilty after an hour or two and started doing some housework. Dont you hate it when that happens!!

  3. I listen to American Eulogy (or - you know - anything from 21st Century Breakdown) by Green Day and purge my closets and dressers looking for old clothes to scrounge new, 'found' fabrics from for sewing craft projects while sipping from one of my husband's massive commuter/travel mugs full of Plantation Mint Tea made with local honey. =D Local honey is key as it helps with my seasonal allergies, too. ;)

    Or I might snuggle up under some quilts on the couch with my roly-poly bulldog, Nugga, and read a trashy romance novel about irish witches by Nora Roberts. More tea would make this perfect - maybe iced pomegranate tea or peach tea. =)

    Really anything that invloves tea is bound to make for some good me-time. ;) What a fun question!

  4. hi, i spend my free time alone, around markets and shops. i love to do that! sometimes i go for a seaside walk with my best friend. we talk, we laugh, we tell us what was happening the days we didn't meet. it is important for women to have some free time, we have hundred works and never enough time for ourselves.
    greetings from italy

  5. I usually spend it painting for my shop, but about once a month I get to go out for coffee with my girlfriends and I get a much needed burst of estrogen. Ahhhh...estrogen...

  6. various ways - sitting, blogging, drinking coffee. mostly, i just enjoy not having to be engaged with anyone or talking!!!


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